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Cartridge and stationary filters

Cartridge filters refer to a class of pleated filters, which are used in installations for dedusting air from dry and non-adhesive dust. Cartridge filters from ordinary bag filters differ in pleated cylindrical shape. Patron filters produced by Zaklad Techniki Odpylania are based on a diameter of φ225 – in this case the length of the cartridge is 1000 mm and the filter surface is 5m2 or φ325 in diameter – in this case the length of the cartridge is 1000 mm – surface 14m2 or 1500mm – surface 21m2

This type of filters work well where it is necessary to take into account large filter area and small cartridge size.

If needed, filter cartridge filters can be:patrony

isolated 50 mm mineral wool

made of stainless steel

equipped with security for dedusting of gases from explosive dust ( according to ATEX requirements)

Cartridge filters are manufactured in 9 sizes and 3 following versions:

version with dust container

version with rotary valve

version with screw conveyor

Download technical drawings below:

Cartridge Filter type FP EN- technical drawings


FP tabela


Stationary filters.

Stationary filters are compact pulse jet filters. In the standard version stationary filters are equipped with a medium pressure centrifugal fan, a fan switch and a control cabinet for solenoid valves. They are normally used for dedusting technological stands where  dust emissions are dry and non-adhesive.

To use this type of filter it is enough to connect the compressed air, dehydrated and oil free at a pressure of 0.6 ± 0.1 MPa 
and 3 x 380 V AC. Dust is retained on the outer surface of cartridges or filter bags. Patrons or filter bags are regenerated with 
short compressed air pulses that are generated by solenoid valves. This type of filters have a dedusting efficiency of over 99%
and can be used for dust extraction of grinders, packers, polishers, dumpings, etc., in the building materials, 
metal, chemical and foundry industries.
Stationary filters type FS with cartridges should be applied for smaller amounts of dust and for the dust which is easily removed from the cartridges
surface. Stationary filters type HF are equipped with horizontal cages and filter bags with lenticular shape of cross section and lengths 
of 1500 mm, 2000 mm and 2500 mm. Stationary filters type HF and filters type FS with filter bags can be applied for large amounts of dust and 
the dust which is removed from the filter bag surface with difficulty.ZTO produces following types of stationary filters:

Stationary filters type FS – standard version

Stationary filters type F0 – for small installation of central vacuum cleaning system

Stationary filters type HF – standard version with horizontal bag arrangement

Stationary filters type HF- in version for mounting on the silo conveyor or dumping

Tabela stanowiskowe - standardowe