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Cyclone filters

Cyclone filters are bag filters which are combination of cyclone and pulse jet filter. It’s operation is based on two-stage separation of solid particles.
Dusty air enters the interior of the housing cyclone filter where coarse fractions are precipitated in the lower part on the centrifugal force which makes them move  downward from where they are disposed on the outside. Dust particles will settle on the surface of the filter bags forming a layer of dust on them. Dust is removed from bags by compressed air pulses directed to each bag.

For explosive dust-air mixtures, filters are prepared in accordance with ATEX requirements and are equipped with safeguards appropriate for a given dust type, such as:
* earthing of filter bags made of an appropriate electricity conducting unwoven fabric
* pressure relief openings closed with a flap or an attested explosion vent panel

Zaklad Techniki Odpylania produces cyclone filters in following types:

CYCLONE FILTER TYPE MF-diamensions to download below

Cyclone Filter type MF EN- table

Cylindrical bag filter type MF (flanges and profiles of foots) EN- technical drawings

Cylindrical bag filter type MF (versions of execution) EN- technical drawings

CYCLONE FILTER TYPE DF- diamensions to download below

Pulse Jet Filter type DF (with one rotary rake) EN- table

Pulse Jet Filter type DF (with one rotary rake) EN- technical drawings

Pulse Jet Filter type DF (with two rotary rakes) EN- table

Pulse Jet Filter type DF (with two rotary rakes)- technical drawings

Inlet and outlet flange – technical drawings

MF- technical data